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Who We are and what we are about:

We like to think of Amplified as a family. It is a place to CONNECT with friends and God for students in grades 6-12. We seek to RECLAIM a generation by giving opportunities to start a relationship with Christ. Core to who we are is growth, so we seek to ELEVATE students' faith and understanding of God and his word. Students today want to live for a cause so we ACTIVATE them into ministry in Bethel and our community.

How to get involved:

Encounter Service: On Wednesday Nights at 7:00 PM, we feature our Encounter Service, which is the hub of the youth ministry.  This night features connection groups, band, dramas, DJ, illustrated presentations and relevant messages. 

Amplified Life Groups: Meetings in several areas across the South Bay. These groups are designed to build friendships, while at the same time deepening students’ faith through activities and common interests. 

Amplified JV: Junior High Students want to have fun, make friends and understand God.  Amplified JV is the place for them on Sunday Mornings at 11:00 AM in the Forum Room on our San Jose campus. This service is filled with huddle groups, games, discussions, and encouraging messages.

Events & Activiities: Throughout the year we offer a variety of events, camps and activities to connect with each other and God. Each year, students from all our campuses join together for a snow camp, summer camp and youth convention. We also have a variety of activities throughout the year that students can participate in.



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To get even more involved: 

We believe in students utilizing the gifts and talents the Lord has given them to impact the lives of others. To accomplish this, students can apply to be a part of our Youth Dream Team and Missions Teams, as well as sign up to be involved in dramas and outreaches that are offered throughout the year.

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Instagram: @amplifiedyouthsj

Twitter: @iamamplified