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August 11, 2019

September 8, 2019

October 13, 2019


November 10, 2019

December 8, 2019

Life Groups


Summer season is here and Heart & Soul is launching a new set of Life Groups. We would like to personally invite all of you. Life Groups are the core of our ministry, where we find belonging and grow together. We will come together, connect through common interests, have fun, engage in Bible studies, build strong friendships and have real talk about life.  Check us out on our Instagram and Facebook pages @heartsoulmvmnt and at bethel.org/youngadults for more information and updates on Life Groups.


While you attend Heart + Soul, you can trust your little ones with our amazing Kids Ministry team. Your child will experience an interactive night where they will have fun and experience God's love. Pre-register here.


Our mission is to

Create New Stories!

Heart & Soul seeks to build a community where young adults can;


It is all about JESUS. We see young adults coming to Christ consistently through life groups and Heart & Soul monthly worship experiences. We seek to design engaging and interactive experiences with Jesus through worship, prayer and messages.


We see gatherings where all people feel welcome and genuinely cared for. This young adult family will create bonds with one another, developing deep authentic friendships, as we grow together in our faith. We are not a ministry WITH life groups, but a ministry OF life groups (Launch Spring 2018 Semester) 


Purpose is only found through Jesus. We will create intentional opportunities for people to discover who God is and who they are in Him. Heart & Soul is a catalyst for dreamers to live out their purpose.


People are our passion. Jesus is in the only true source for real and lasting change. The only way we will affect our world is by helping people encounter Him. Heart & Soul will build opportunities for people to affect their community and world. 

Through our creative and vibrant events and our weekly life groups, young adults will connect in authentic relationship, experience inspiring encounters and be equipped to do all God has purposed them to do.

We meet once a month in San Jose to reach God's people right where they are in their lives. We're so excited to get to know everyone that walks through those doors. Every month on the days listed below, we meet at 6:00pm. You can also find us live on Facebook and follow us on Instagram as well to be caught up on what's going on. 

We're excited to meet you and to create new stories with you.



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