Thank you in advance for participating!

As a part of our work in finding a new pastor, the Pulpit Committee would like your input in describing our church as you presently experience it. We would like your thoughts about its strengths, its weaknesses, the needs you foresee for our church in the next five to ten years, the priorities you think our next pastor should have, and the qualities you believe he/she should possess.

It will probably take between 20-30 minutes to thoughtfully answer the questions on this questionnaire. Please consider this an investment in helping find the person who can effectively lead our church in the next phase of its growth. Please only submit the survey only once and try to be as honest as you can.

This survey was created exclusively for current attendees and members. Please do not ask friends or family members outside our church family to participate or share this link.

Thank you for your thoughtful input. It will be carefully reviewed by the committee.

Pulpit Committee

Bethel Church


If you prefer to take this survey on your phone, you can scan this QR Code with an applicable smart phone application and follow the link.