Stock Contributions

Contributions of stock to Bethel Church are gratefully accepted. The tax benefits -- which include deducting the amount of the charitable donation AND escaping the unrealized gains on the donated stock which has been held for over a year- come from the fact that the deduction for a donation of property to charity is equal to the property's current fair market value. And when the donated property is an investment, the donor does not have to recognize the capital gain. These rules create a "double play" of tax benefits: a charitable deduction AND avoiding tax on the unrealized capital gains of the donated property.
Information for your broker:

  • Bethel Church of San Jose account number with Fidelity Investments: X05204544

  • Fidelity Investments DTC#: 0226

  • Fidelity Investments Phone #1-800-544-6666

Please provide Bethel Church with instructions for distributing the proceeds of your stock contributions by contacting, phone: 408-246-6790 x203, or by mail to Bethel Church, Attn: Accounting, 1201 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128.

  • Example #1: all funds are tithe

  • Example #2: 90% are tithe, 10% are for General Missions

  • Example #3: $500 to tithe remainder to General Missions