Bethel Church Missions

When it comes to Missions, we at Bethel Church make it a priority to go and to give. When you give, you help our missionaries go spread the love of Jesus Christ. We celebrate what God is doing through Missions during our Missions Emphasis Sunday.

Missions Emphasis Sunday is Sunday, May 21st.

Join us in the morning services to hear from Missionary Jay Risner, a key leader with “Kid Link International” in Africa. That evening, come back at 6pm in the San Jose Campus Gym for food from around the world, a live auction, a dessert fundraiser, and to hear more from Missionary Jay Risner. Click on the pictures to the right to see more of Jay's Ministry.

We invite you to be a part of that day by participating in two ways: giving a dish or a dessert. You can give a cultural dish for our “International Potluck” that evening. Whether it’s hamburgers, fried rice, curry, noodles, eggrolls, or any food from a specific part of the world, we will look forward to eating it together. You can also give a dessert to be sold or auctioned. To give a dish or a dessert, click on the buttons below.

Thank you for your continued support of missions!

Missionary Jay Risner

Jay and Debbie Risner have been actively involved in children's ministries for over 30 years. They travel across the world training children’s pastors and workers, performing in schools, and developing Children’s Ministries in many nations.

Click on a region below to learn more about that area.


  • Marc Afshar
  • American Indian College
  • Tim Austin
  • Charla Blair
  • Shane & Marty Couch
  • Glen Davis
  • Brittany Foerster
  • Jose Fortin
  • FREE International
  • Victor Gaiduchik
  • Kim Harvey
  • Augustin Jorquez
  • Amy Kheng
  • Jennifer Klier
  • David Lewandowski
  • Dan McGaffee
  • Dennis Nelson
  • Brian Orme
  • Adam Shipp
  • Adam Simnowitz
  • Albert Skinner
  • Brian Staub
  • Phil Wright


  • David Cartwright
  • Dale Coad
  • Mark Devine
  • Eddie Echevarria
  • Kevin Elder
  • Rocky Grams
  • Roger Holland
  • Richard Hoover
  • Martin Jacobson
  • Doris Johnson
  • Terry Johnson
  • Corey Kautz
  • Mark Kinney
  • Gary Kirchoff
  • Steve McCarthy
  • Trent Morrow
  • Ashley & Meredith Penley
  • Max Rivera
  • Henry Smith
  • Jerry Smith
  • Don Triplett
  • Adam & Melissa Tvedt


For the security of our missionaries, names are removed from this list.

  • Greg Beggs
  • Todd Churchill
  • Craig Corbin
  • Scott Ennis
  • Steve Evans
  • Brent Hanson
  • Scott Hanons
  • Lance Hines
  • Pat Hurst
  • Bill Kirsch
  • Ronald Mueller
  • Chris Ness
  • Mike Ness
  • Steve Pennington
  • Alan Pettenger
  • Charles Porter
  • Daniel Smith
  • David Smith
  • Kevin Smith
  • Kirk Spain
  • Mark Turney
  • Bryan White


  • Steve Aldrich
  • Phil Fifield
  • Nicole Garcia
  • Raegan Glugosh
  • Mark Good
  • Jeff Gregory
  • Joy Krajicek
  • Wendell McClung
  • Jim Rossi
  • Earl Shorrocks
  • Scott Smith
  • Dan Stump
  • Darrell Wood


Due to the sensitive nature of this region, no names are listed.


Due to the sensitive nature of this region, no names are listed.


For the security of our missionaries, names are removed from this list.

  • Tanya Aderman
  • Asia’s Little Ones Orphanage
  • Darrell Blatchley
  • Bill Boyer
  • Mark Brown
  • Mark Durene
  • Nick Krake
  • Ben McClure
  • Bill Paris
  • Marcus Smith
  • Bryan Webb


  • Jeffrey Dove
  • Daryel Erickson
  • Mark Flattery
  • Butch Frey
  • Bob Hoskins
  • Rob Hoskins
  • Monica Jarvis
  • Otto Kaiser
  • Jerry Peters
  • Tony Rybarczyk
  • Stan Wagner