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The following is a list of some of our Missionaries and Ministries - with links to their websites.
Please remember to keep them in your prayers...


hurstThe Hurst Family
Patrick, Suzanne, Ben, Abigail and Emily Hurst
Central Africa

The Hurst family lives in Kinshasa, DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Pat has been recently appointed as the Area Director for Central Africa. Suzanne is an RN and works with local churches on community health, development, and HIV programs.




The Hanson Family

Ron and Gloria Hanson serve as representatives for Africa Oasis Project, a new initiative to pursue
clean water in Sub‐Saharan Africa. The Hansons have served as missionaries in Africa for 30 years. Prior to missionary appointment, Ron taught math in high school and college for 14 years.




chowningThe Chowning Family
Michael, Heather and James Chowning

"Heather and I have a heart for places where no one else wants to go. Many areas of Russia remain untouched by the gospel, and we desire to reach them through any means necessary. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to hear the gospel once."



adams joelThe Adams Family
Joel, Sabreena & Kayli Adams
Chi Alpha, UNLV

Joel and Sabreena Adams are the recently appointed Chi Alpha missionaries to UNLV campus. They are the first officially recognized Chi Alpha team to make it onto UNLV despite countless attempts by others to establish a program in Las Vegas.



evans steveThe Evans Family

Steve & Glenda Evans serve as the team leaders for the Africa Oasis Project (AOP). This is the official water initiative in Africa, for the Assemblies of God World Missions. Presently, AOP has requests for water projects totaling over 2 million dollars, in over 22 African countries. Steve & Glenda are based in South Africa, traveling all over Africa, assessing the needs for water & viewing completed water projects. 


smith scott

The Smith Family

Scott and Marisa Smith have been ministering to the people of Spain for over 35 years and have faced many challenges in this prosperous European country where only 0.5% of the population is evangelical. The Smiths, along with other missionaries in Spain, are currently working with Sefarad Ministries.




The Johnson Family

Terry & Beth Johnson have been Assemblies of God missionaries to Brazil since 1989. They currently oversee the Brazil Extension School of Theology, Brazil Advanced School of Theology, Children of Brazil Outreach, and partner with Latin America ChildCare.




The Aldrich Family
Stephen, Cynthia, Caleb, Josh, Elijah & Ruth Aldrich

In January of 1999, the Aldrich family began their missionary career in Haiti. They served there until 2001 when they were transferred to Europe. In June of 2010 they returned to Haiti to continue the work they had begun. 




mcgaffeeThe McGaffee Family
Daniel, Noreen, Joel, Mark, Hannah, Kristen & Lydia McGaffee

Daniel & Noreen just completed their 3rd term as missionaries to Namibia (Southwest Africa). Their focus has been Bible College Ministry and church planting.

They are transfering to Malawi to continue this ministry.




The Gram Family

Rocky and Sherry have served as missionaries to Argentina since 1979, directing the Instituto Biblico Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires. The Bible School has an enrollment of 408 resident students and 529 part-time students on Saturdays.

The school has over 1,873 graduates ministering all over Argentina and in 35 different countries of the world. Of the 179 foreign missionaries sent out by the Argentine Assemblies of God, 53 are alumni of River Plate Bible Institute.


smithThe Smith Family

For the last 20 years in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Jerry and Janice Smith have used education to reach, teach, train, and equip the next generation of children to make a difference in their world through Centro Cristiano (the church) and Liceo Cristiano (the Christian School).

Currently they are serving over 3,500 children with one smaller faculty utilizing two shifts per day and also using the facility in the evenings for adult education. They now have the land to expand their campus and double the outreach to an additional 7,000 students.

The Anderson Familyanderson
Mitch, Juliette, Nathan, Jessica, Janelle, Michaela, Katrina Anderson

Mitch and Juliette Anderson have worked with YWAM for over 25 years.

They have pioneered and directed the School of Biblical Studies in Chile for the last 20 years with a focus on discipleship through athletics. 


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