We are passionate about reaching campuses, we want to equip our students as they step foot on their campuses with everything they will need. In this link below you can choose from seven different series packs. If you have questions regarding any of this material, please contact youth@bethel.org

Pack Descriptions 

HOARDERS - things that we can hold onto that can destroy us (3 part series)
I AM SECOND - living as Christ intended and making impact (3 part series)
LAST DAY WARRIORS - standing for Jesus when it's hard (3 part series)
THE BURIED LIFE - how to know and reach your destiny (2 part series)
UFC - how to win life's battles (3 part series)
WEIRD - why followers of Jesus should look different than everyone else (2 part series)
WHERE IS GOD WHEN I HURT - where is God and what does He say in response to our pain (2 part series)