Bethel School of Leadership is a two-year intensive leadership-training experience. Our focus is to create an environment for students to discover their purpose, increase their influence and equip them with quality education and hands-on leadership experience. 




Our structure is different than that of the traditional college experience. Rather than the standardized classroom experience, we strategically intertwine your academic growth with immediate application through “hands-on” ministry experience. You will lead while you learn. Whether you choose to invest one year or more, each stage offers opportunities for you to develop your influence so you can have significant impact in our world. 




Bethel School of Leadership Full-Time Program


Bethel School of Leadership Flex

Designed for the adult learner desiring to increase their leadership capacity and continue their educational journey.

We realize that there are many individuals that desire to continue their growth at later stages in life. BSL Flex is designed with the adult learner in mind; for those that are over 25 years-old and self-supporting, married or have children.

While pursuing personal educational goals the adult learner with engage in 10 hours of practicum, practical leadership development, and one on one mentoring from pastor(s)/director(s).



While attending BSL, individuals will concurrently attend a local college or University.


Northwest University

Bethel School of Leadership students have the option to take college classes that have the highest level of accreditation through Northwest University. Students can pursue their Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree choosing from among four disciplines. Students enrolled in Northwest classes will have two designated mornings a week where he or she will work on their studies on site at Bethel Church.


If you are enrolled in Northwest and Bethel School of Leadership tuition is $1300 each semester plus $298/credit (classes are 3 credit hours each). In addition your time spent as a Bethel School of Leadership student counts for an additional 3 credits each semester for a ministry practicum and is free. Financial aid is also available through Northwest.


  • Associate in Arts (AA) (60 credits)
  • Associate in Ministry Leadership (AML) (60 credits)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership (BAML) (120 credits)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (PSYC) (120 credits)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management (BABM) (120 credits)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management (BAOM) (120 credits)

Apply to Northwest University Bethel Church CPP


An accredited college/university of the students choosing

In the development of an impacting leader, it is important that they are intellectually challenged. In I Timothy, Paul charges Timothy to study to show himself approved.

Bethel School of Leadership is designed to work hand in hand with a student’s education. While enrolled in the Bethel School of Leadership, students are enrolled fulltime in an accredited university or community college, working on his or her general education requirements.




  • Thriving and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Actively involved in a local church
  • Graduated from High School or equivalent
  • Completion of the admission requirements


The following must be completed and received before you are considered for acceptance into Bethel School of Leadership. Please be careful to turn in ALL components needed to apply to the Bethel School of Leadership.

  • Bethel School of Leadership application must be turned in with a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit (deadline for Fall: July 1st, deadline for Spring: November 15th).
  • Letter of Intent and essay (to be submitted with application and must be typed).
  • Bethel School of Leadership Dating Guidelines must be read and signed (to be submitted with application).
  • Pledge of Honor must be read and signed (to be submitted with Application).
  • All letters of recommendation must be received before acceptance into the Bethel School of Leadership (All letters must be received prior to the application deadline).
  • All official transcripts forwarded to Bethel School of Leadership.

Bethel School of Leadership
1201 South Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95128

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It is our desire that an opportunity such as this be available to all those who love Jesus, desire to develop their leadership ability and demonstrate genuine hunger to grow. In light of this, we have kept tuition affordable, as well as offer multiple options for payment. The totaly cost for a student to attend the Bethel School of Leadership is $2,000 per year. This covers all classes taught within the Bethel School of Leadership, books, and travel throughout the school year. 

Payment & Tuition

Bethel School of Leadership has three option for the payment of tuition.  

1.   Bi-annual Payments: The tuition will be divided between two payments.

  • 65%  ($1,300) of the tuition is paid September 1
  •  The remaining 35% ($700) is paid by January 10

2.  Quarterly Payments: The tuition will be divided among 4 payments throughout      the school year.

  • 30% ($600) - September 1
  • 20%  ($400) - November 1
  • 25%  ($500) - February 1
  • 25%  ($500) - April 1

3.  Monthly Payments:  Tuition will be divided among 9 months paid throughout the school year, the first half of the tuition will be due prior to December 1st and the remaining 50% will be due prior to May 1st  

  • 12.5%  ($250) - Sept 1                 
  • 12.5%  ($250) - Oct 1                                     
  • 12.5%  ($250) - Nov 1                  
  • 12.5%  ($250) - Dec 1                  
  • 10%  ($200) - Jan 1   
  • 10%  ($200) - Feb 1         
  • 10%  ($200) - Mar 1     
  • 10%  ($200) - Apr1      
  • 10%  ($200) - May 1


Matt & Lynn Clayton
Bethel School of Leadership Pastors

Matt and Lynn Clayton have served in youth ministry since 1996, and began their pastoral adventure in 2000. Both Pastor Matt and Pastor Lynn have their Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communications from California State University Stanislaus as well as, their Certificate of Ordination with the Assemblies of God. They have been married since 2000 and have two children, a son, Isaiah and a daughter, Mikaiah. They currently have the privilege to serve as Youth Pastors and directors of the Bethel School of Leadership, at Bethel Church wherein they oversee Junior High, High School ministry and the Bethel School of Leadership. In addition they serve as Campus Pastors for Bethel Church’s satellite campus located in Santa Clara.

Their mission is to build life-giving environments that connect people to Jesus to lead like Him. Jesus is their passion and people are their priority. Together they desire to invest their lives into others and are dedicated to the development of those around them, empowering people to influence the world for Jesus. 

Contact BSL

Phone: (408) 246-6790 ext 253
1201 South Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95128

Application Process

  1. Step One: Apply to BSL Online
  2. Step Two: Interview


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